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Applicant Tracking Systems vs. Your Resume

“Make your resume stand out! That way the hiring manager will remember it, and you’ll get an interview for sure.” How many times have you heard this advice? It makes sense, right? It conjures up an image of a tired-looking hiring manager, desk littered with paper resumes and desktop covered in Word documents all written in standard-formatted Arial, font size…

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Holiday Hiring Slowdown Myth

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is viewed by many as the busiest time of the year. I know it is for my husband who is a Retail Store Manager. But, on the hiring front it is also perceived as the worst time to try to find a job. Job seekers think employers simply don’t have time to interview…

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Avoid the Interview Horror Story

Interview horror stories abound – whether it is an interviewer asking impossible brain teaser questions, an unexpected situation throwing the candidate for a loop, or even the candidate “blanking” out and being incapable answering the simplest of questions. Thankfully, the amusing anecdotes are more often the exception than the norm. My job involves pre-screening applicants and making recommendations to my…

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Effective Resume Preparation Video

Are you creating or updating your resume? Do you know what to include and what to leave out? What is relevant and what is best left for the interview? This video will share with you quick tips in regards to both format and content to help get you started on your resume preparation. Click to watch video

What a Recruiter Thinks You Really Need to Know About Your Resume

@ScottBoren Rules of resumes have changed. You’ve probably heard recently that your resume gets just 6 seconds of scrutiny, so I’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts. The Don’ts – Let’s start with what is wrong with many resumes I see. A. Length – If you read a book or article on resume writing it probably said one…

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So You Want a New Job. Now What?

Whether by choice or necessity, at some point you will probably need to find a new job. You have crafted the perfect resume and cover letter, practiced your interviewing skills, and read blogs about how to network. These are all part of the process, but many people skip a crucial piece to finding your dream job – knowing what your…

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Work with Judy Protz Successfully – An Honest Discussion

What do candidates/clients need to do in order to work successfully with you? My goal is to know more about a candidate than their past job titles and a list of their relevant skills.  It’s important for me to understand why the candidate is considering a new job and what their objectives are.  Communication is key – an honest discussion…

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Preparation is the #1 Ingredient for Success

What do candidates/clients need to do in order to work successfully with you? My preference for clients/candidates is preparation!  On the client side, I prefer they know what they want ahead of time – well written job description and all of the details of the search.  On the candidate side, a well written resume and their search criteria defined –…

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Optimizing your Resume with Keywords

Optimizing your Resume with Keywords In today’s world, hiring managers are not taking the time to review every resume that comes across their desk for a position. In most cases, the resumes are filtered through a system that orders the resumes based on the keywords needed for the position. Don’t allow your resume to be lost in the system; optimize…

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